Husband and Wife Book of Prayer




Prayer is the lifeline that God throws out to all covenant marriages! The key is to grasp and grab that lifeline and make prayer an essential feature of your vow.
In this Book of Prayers, Delores & Tony share their prayer journey; a journey which is in no way complete. They remind us that marriages are sustained and prospered through prayer! Praying couples will find strength through good times and the bad as they break down Heaven’s door to press in to capture their God blessings.
The Husband & Wife Book of Prayer can be used as a prayer guide, with several prayer topics and scriptures covering a myriad of issues that are common to many marriages. Couples can pray together in a systematic way through some of these topics. This is a timely book. With so many marriages under attack, it is time to get on your knees, strengthen your marriage, and enjoy the full blessings of this God ordained institution.