I appreciate you taking the time to write your reviews about my books. I hope they have encouraged and inspired you. 

Stay Blessed 


Heather Barrow, Florida

God, where is my husband  is one of the best and most helpful books I have ever read. I did not think that this book could have outdone her first book Unleashed Soul, which was pretty amazing, but it has. Oprah needs to get a copy of this book”.

“This book should be in every household and should spread to the 4 corners of the globe. It speaks to every culture, it breaks down every barrier, it is a book that can help the issues that every culture struggle with. I know that there is anointing in singing, and anointing in preaching, and I can say that the words in this book are anointing and speaks volumes. That is why I am extending an invitation to have Delores come to minister in Guyana”.

Pastor Cleveland Davidson, Guyana 

Delores shares thoughts and feelings that we all have, but do not dare discuss with friends or in our bible studies.  Not discussing them keeps us trapped and in bondage. Her insight into the “props” we use and her willingness to share them with us opens the door to dialogue and ultimately opens the door to 

Line-Alice Guibert-Wolff 

This book is a true testimony of what God can do for each and everyone of us. Believing and trusting on him in your daily lives will bring you to the true realization that he will provide all your needs. Dee, I am so proud of you and all  you have accomplished. Thanks for unleashing your soul so that others may find peace in knowing God is real. Be Bless. 

Heather Barrow

“I’m not really big on autobiographies or reading about people’s personal journeys.  But Unleashed Soul is different. It’s not just Delores struggles; it’s also my story. I was amazed that there were so many of her experiences that I could relate to. What Delores has found out that God is all we need in order to have a successful life.  It’s that simple. And for her it is not just knowledge of the mind, but a true experience of the heart that she lives every day.

Delores, thanks for having the courage to share your story!  It is a >source of comfort and a lesson in hope for me.”

Leslyn V. Johnson,

British Columbia, Canada


Very easy to read and very “down to earth”. Because I know the author, I find what is written to be very honest. I can relate to her struggles, but more so, her determination to overcome.

I admire her courage to be so very open about her life, and to make herself so vulnerable. Quote, “Without God, I am nothing”….striving to live the word of God, to be dependant on him, to rely on him completely, and to put Him first in her life, is telling the world that this is the ultimate way to live one’s life.

I truly admire the depth of love that she has for her family as is seen in her quest to help her son  live for and serve God wholeheartedly. I have given the book as a gift to (8) eight of my friends, with very positive feedback, and already their lives are being impacted by the author’s words of encouragement.

Cynthia Williams