Unleash Ministry is officially birthed in 2007 following the release of the book UNLEASHED SOUL: Journal of a Struggling Christian. Determined to win

A group of enthusiastic individuals who had met together in homes for years decided that the aspect of UNLEASHING (as addressed by the Author – Delores Callender-Taylor) was and is a key component to change and growth in Christ. 

Unleash Ministry is a Christian based support initiative for individuals who are looking to grow personally and spiritually, by walking in the victory of the Lord. This ministry is about overcoming life’s challenges, reconnecting to one‘s Christian walk, and recognizing that without fellowship we remain alone, isolated and shame ridden when sin and error enter our lives on a habitual basis. The unique nature of Unleash Ministry is that individuals can birth and activate passion for Christ and ministry in various mediums such as support groups, 1-1 prayer and fellowship times, through developing their skill sets in writing, singing, speaking, evangelizing, and UNLEASHING more Power, Passion, Potentials and Purpose in their lives. 

In Unleash Ministry, forums such as support groups allow individuals to come together in one accord to be open, and real before God in a non-judgmental atmosphere of love and caring. The meetings (online, in groups, in home settings, etc) are typically unstructured giving way to the Holy Spirit to open avenues of brokenness, thereby providing an opportunity for Godly counsel and support. Unleashing in the context of this ministry allow for burdens to be lifted, transformation of lives, strengthened relationships, trust is built, and hope in Christ is restored and/or developed. The signature book (Unleashed Soul – Journal of a Struggling Christian,) now has a sequel book entitled “Inspiration for the Unleashed Soul.


About Delores:

Delores Callender-Taylor ministers the gospel with a passion; and has a special anointing for reaching out to individuals as they unleash pain and release power, and their God given potentials. She has ministered extensively in Canada, the US and Barbados, and has appeared on TV and Radio programs in Canada and Barbados, sharing her experience and insight into helping others.

On a professional level, Delores has substantial professional experience assisting women who are in various states of distress. She has worked extensively with women who have struggled with substance abuse, women offenders, and women with mental health and special needs. In her current role with the Canadian Federal Government, she facilitates Professional Development training and provides advise to Government departments.

Delores is the author of 11 books, focusing on real-life challenges that Christians, and women, in particular face. One of her popular books entitled ‘God, where is my husband’, examines the issues that “waiting” women grapple with in their desire for a husband. At ICRS, Delores will be launching her most recent book “ The husband and wife book of prayer” which was co-authored with her husband Tony Taylor. This prayer book covers over 60 prayer topics, and offers 14 Declarations to assist Christian marriages. Previous books by the author include: ‘Unleashed Soul’, ‘Don’t Give Up’, and ‘Stop Pretending to Love Me’. Following the release of her first book, Unleashed Soul: Journal of a Struggling Christian Determined to Win; Unleashed International Ministry was formed (www.unleashministry.com).

Delores is a mother and grandmother, and is involved in a number of volunteer capacities at her local church. Her qualifications include a Masters in Education Studies, BA double majors in Psychology and Applied Social science, and she is leisurely pursuing a doctorate in Clinical Christian Counseling.